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Should copywriters worry about AI?
Artificial intelligence glassy screen with words on it

It seems impossible to read any piece of news or launch any app without the latest “AI” buzzword featuring heavily. Since machines are allegedly learning faster, should we be worried our jobs are next?

Why focusing on engagement numbers is only 6.25% of the story
Drawing upward arrow indicating growth on a chart on glass

There’s a lot of hype about boosting engagement using analytics and advertising, but does it work? It depends if you ask analytics providers or businesses at the sharp end.

Case study: Mark Goodwin Pianos
Mark Goodwin in his Manchester piano showroom

If you need a primer on how to approach business, and content marketing in particular, look no further than Mark Goodwin Pianos. This case study highlights some of the facets of his ethos and marketing methods that translate into trust signals for existing and new customers alike.

Stamping out waffle, one site at a time
Man in fake moustache, eyebrows and glasses with cigar

With thousands of businesses vying for your business, how do you know who to trust? To demonstrate, here are some less-than-ideal examples of content fails to help you appreciate there’s a better way to write content for humans.

Why you should show, not tell, for effective content marketing
Man singing into a megaphone

There’s an adage in storytelling circles: show, don’t tell. Telling people something is clumsy. Meaningless. Insincere. Showing people instead leaves a lasting impression, as it engages emotional areas of the brain. This can be used to your advantage to sell to your customers.

Need to attract customers but no time to write content?
Woman sitting at laptop chewing pencil in frustration

We hear you. And we can help. Whether you need assistance with the actual writing process or simply inspiration to go and create your own content, we’ll do what we can to steer you towards the type of content that will do your business proud.